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With bookings for ‘bucket list trips’ up by 317 per cent this year, it’s clear we’re all looking for a once in a lifetime adventure after a year of lockdowns. Knowing what to put on your bucket list can be hard with so much to explore. Whether you are looking for an action-packed escape, beautiful […]
Some European countries are clamping down on U.S. travelers. getty It’s been less than a week since the European Union removed the U.S. from its ‘safe list’ of countries for nonessential travel, and already some of the most-visited of the bloc’s 27 member states have reacted by clamping down with additional Covid-19 travel restrictions for Americans. The […]
Airlines are bracing for a fall travel season with fewer business travelers after a lucrative summer. Airfares from September to November are expected to be lower than normal as a result. But holiday travel will likely be priced similarly to last year’s levels as leisure demand rebounds. Loading Something is loading. Travelers who missed the […]
If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it is that nothing is certain. Travel restrictions, mask and vaccine requirements, as well as office openings are all in flux. This has underscored the need to be agile and find new solutions. But we’ll only be able to rebuild consumer confidence in travel and pave […]
Companies are delaying sending employees back on the road this fall amid another surge in coronavirus cases. Airlines and hotels had hoped that business travel—one of the most lucrative pillars of their business—would start to bounce back in the coming months. Those hopes are fading as the busy summer travel season peters out, and the […]
If you’re considering taking a big vacation anytime soon, your options may be limited, especially if you’re planning to go anywhere in Europe. On Aug. 30, the European Council of the European Union, one of the governing bodies of the 27-member European Union, dropped the United States from its “safe list,” a list of countries […]
September traditionally marks the start of Hawaii’s “shoulder” season, when the number of visitors dips as mainland and local families send their children back to school. It’s a time of warm weather, low airfares and tourist-enticing events such as the Aloha Festivals, set to begin its 75th anniversary with a Royal Court investiture in Waikiki […]
It hasn’t been a completely disastrous week for long-distance travel, despite a lack of movement on … [+] the U.S. travel ban getty For over 530 days, the U.S. border has been closed to EU and U.K. travelers and families and friends have been separated. And despite some severe comments from EU diplomats and commissioners […]
Zoom, ring lights, stationary bikes and food delivery. To the list of products and services that found new life because of the pandemic, you can add travel advisers. Travel has grown difficult thanks to virus-related complexity, uncertainty, cancellations, delays, border restrictions and testing requirements. As a result, many travelers booking a beach getaway or other […]
Fall in Paris, France getty As the Delta variant continues its march across the planet, it’s no longer a given that things will return to ‘travel normal’ and despite increasing vaccinations, there are doubts about whether travel is a good idea during fall, or indeed winter, 2021. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t currently traveling. […]